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Alumni Services

The MPC values those who have have historically utilized it's resources for their own academic or professional growth. There's obviously no joy in cutting that growth short after graduation so order to continuously enrich the student learning experience as well as the community around us, the MPC is happy to offer local Alumni services. If you are a recent or upcoming graduate of Seattle University, the Studio, Podcast Studio, and Screening Room can still be reserved. To make an appointment please email the MPC Speclialist Alex Guevara ( Along with your name and graduation date, please include the space you need, the type of project you're working on (Video, Audio, Photo, Broadcast, etc), as well as your available times.

Please note that Alumni Services are only offered under the pretense that they do not impact Student, Staff, or Faculty use of the space. While the MPC will work closely with you to make space available, there can be no gaurentee based on the traffic of the given school year.