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Faculty & Staff Support

While the MPC primarily exists to support student's creative needs for personal or class projects, there's an important need for faculty and staff to use the space. In order to reduce the impact on student drop-in hours, the MPC has implemented a block of time reserved for faculty from 10:00am-12:00pm Monday through Friday. Please note in order to utilize this space you'll need to make an appointment ahead of time. If you arrive at the MPC at 10am without an appointment there may not be anyone there to assist you.

To make an appointment please email the MPC Speclialist Alex Guevara ( Along with your name and email, please include your course name and number, the type of project your students are working on (Video, Audio, Photo, Broadcast, etc), as well as the type of support you need (to be let in to use the drop-in zones, to use one of our spaces, or to do a class-wide training). I

Overall it's our goal to collaborate with you to improve your classes and the experience of your students by offering resources, training, equipment, and more.