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Welcome to the Billodue Makerspace! As part of the Lemieux Library and McGoldrick Learning Commons, our resources are available to all the students, faculty and staff of Seattle University. We have various tools and equipment for physical creation as well as Windows laptops equipped with software necessary for our machines.

First and foremost, the Billodue Makerspace aims to empower the community to make, repair and innovate each in their own unique ways. Bring your ideas, and we’ll provide the equipment and guidance to help you achieve your creative goals.

Makerspace student staff, also referred to as Student Creators can be found moving about the space in blue aprons. These folks are always on hand to provide assistance and answer questions while also serving as instructors for our range of programs.

As with any multimedia space, our staff members carry a range of diverse skills, but please be patient with our staff! There is a lot to know here.

Getting Started

Before sitting down to work in the makerspace, all users must complete the required Maker Orientation. During this 30 minute session, you will learn about safety, signing up for events, best practices and other essential information relevant to the makerspace.

These sessions take place Tuesdays and Thursdays at 12:30pm. Visit our calendar to register!

Oriented users can drop in and use the space any time during open hours.

It’s important to note that certain tools require additional trainings before you can use them. These include sewing machines, embroidery machines, laser engraver, vinyl cutter and glass tools. See the events section to learn more.


We have plenty of programming opportunities available for users to learn, improve skills and engage with the makerspace! Supplies and materials for these programmed activities are free and included unless otherwise stated in the event’s description.  Our three distinct event types include trainings, activity trainings and workshops.

A training is a required lesson that users must take before they can access certain tools. These sessions tend to be about an hour and focus on tool operation.

For example, the sewing training covers the essentials of using the sewing machines: safety, threading, bobbin winding, stitch settings, machine operation and clean up. Participants test the machine using scrap materials.

An activity training is a form of training where users learn necessary skills in conjunction with making a small object.

For example, the Sew Ugly Animal Heads activity training covers the same information as the basic sewing training, but users walk away with a fully finished product.

A workshop may teach a new skill or build on existing skills, but it does not fulfill any training requirements. Some workshops have prerequisites where users are expected to come with existing skills, so please read the full event description!

For example, the Sew a Tote Bag has a required prerequisite! Attendees must already know how to sew, so they must either take the Sewing Training or the Ugly Animal Heads Activity Training.

Meanwhile, the Crochet workshop introduces attendees to crochet, but is not required to use the crochet hooks.


Contact Information

Contact email:

Location: Sinegal Building, Room 130

*Hours of Operation:

Monday - Thursday: 12:00 PM - 10:00 PM

Friday - Saturday: 12:00 PM - 6:00 PM

Sunday: Closed

*Excepting Holidays, Campus Closures and Academic Breaks

Material Fees

We have some consumable materials available such as thread, scrap fabric and embroidery backing, but you’re welcomed and encouraged to bring your own materials to guarantee desired colors, quantities and quality. Materials used during workshops and trainings are free! For individual projects, we have a small "shop" at the Front Desk which carries the following materials for **purchase: sheet glass, adhesive vinyl, heat transfer vinyl, 3D printer materials, sheet plywood and sheet acrylic.

How to Pay for Materials:


  1. Students wishing to purchase materials must let the Student Creator working the Front Desk know what they'd like to buy.
  2. The Front Desk worker with give the student an estimate before attaching the charges to the student's SU ID number.
  3. Since the Billodue Makerspace is part of the library, these charges are sent to the library in batches at the end of each month.
  4. Students wishing to pay their bill must go to the Lemieux Library's 3rd floor desk to pay in person.
  5. There is $50 cap on material purchases. If a student reaches $50 in unpaid material fees, they must pay down their balance before they can continue purchasing materials.


Please contact


Please contact

**No monetary exchanges take place at the makerspace. All transactions are processed through student accounts and department budget numbers.

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