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Direct linking to Library resources

Directions for creating links to library databases, resources, and articles.

Best Practices

Faculty can use Canvas to provide access to the majority of electronic resources purchased and licensed by the library. Per our license agreements, it is still your responsibility to help protect the copyright of these resources.     

Best practices:

Faculty should provide a link to the article instead of downloading the article. Linking is the preferred method because it avoids making a digital copy that could be easily distributed to unauthorized users.   

To show good effort in protecting the copyrighted materials:

  • Include the complete citation as well as the source of the article. For example:
    Cherrico, Joel. 2013. "Handmade Grounds At the Local Blend." Ceramics Technical no. 36: 8-11. Art Full Text (H.W. Wilson), EBSCOhost (accessed February 5, 2014).
  • Only students in the course should have access to the articles.
  • After the course is over, the links, PDFs, etc., should be deleted from the course (they should not be archived with the course).
  • On pages that include library electronic resources, you can also add the following statement: Use of Lemieux Library's electronic resources is subject to U.S.  Copyright Law. Excessive downloading, printing, and/or electronic dissemination of resource content by the user is prohibited. Access and use is restricted by license agreements to purposes of research, teaching, and private study by current SU faculty, staff, and students; all commercial use is strictly prohibited. Restrictions on other uses may apply.

Need something not in the library collection for your class?

SU's Office of Copyright Compliance can help you get the permissions needed to include "copyrighted material in student course packs, class handouts, or other distributed materials".

Email the Copyright Policy Coordinator or call (206) 296-2308.

Need more help?

This guide shows you how to build a persistent link to an article for many of our database interfaces. Not all of databases have this capability. If your article database is different from the examples provided here OR these steps aren't working for you, please ask us for help!

Research Services department - Email or call (206) 296-6210.

Jan Hartley - Email or call (206) 296-6206.


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