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Jason Hall
Lemieux Library
Seattle University

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Subjects: Business

Before you get started

To research a company, first determine whether the company is public, private, or a subsidiary of a larger parent company.

  • Public Companies

    • Has issued securities and trades on a stock exchange

    • Regulated by the SEC and required to disclose financial statements and annual 10-k reports

    •  Easier to research because more information is usually available for public companies

  • Private Companies

    • Privately owned and does not have shares that are traded in public exchanges

    • More difficult to research because no requirements to disclose financial statements like public companies

    • To research a private company search for current news articles, magazine profiles, and within trade publications using the resources found within the Current News & Articles section.

  • Subsidiaries

    • Completely or partially owned and controlled by a parent company

    •  Research the parent company to find information regarding the subsidiary

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