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Business and Economics Librarian

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Jason Hall
Lemieux Library
Seattle University

2nd Floor Research Services
(206) 398-4484
Subjects: Business

Search Strategy: Google

 Google automatically does an AND search, e.g searching for developing countries, it will automatically search for  developing and countries Want pages that include poverty OR "poor children" use the OR operator.  OR (can also use |;is case sensitive-use caps.   For NOT , Google uses – with no space before the excluded word. Combine Boolean Operators with parentheses – Google only recognizes one level of parentheses, you can not “nest” parenthetical operations.  ( "poor children" or poverty  AND (India or Guatamala )


Try the advanced search and limit you search strategy by domain: org, edu,gov

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Can I Use Google Scholar?

What is Google Scholar?

  • Scope:

         Google Scholar indexes scholarly material:   books, journals, conferences, theses, preprints, 

            legal opinions and websites.

There is no index of what Google Scholar includes and excludes and how often it is updated

  • Features 

         Cited by.  (other entries which cite the item)

             simple interface for searching.

             single search box allows cross disciplinary searching.

             relevancy rankings

             Export feature to RefWorks

  •  Caveats

         Unlike most library databases, it does not use a controlled vocabulary

  Some results may not be considered scholarly.

  cited counts may be inflated

  Errors have been noted in publication date searching, authors names

  •   Searching

          If you export to Refworks, you will need the group code: RW SeattleUni

           Use the advanced search by clicking on the caret  in the dialog box




Google Scholar Search