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Imagining the World Photography Exhibition

by Jacob Smit on 2024-04-29T16:00:00-07:00 in Art, Fine Arts, International Studies | 0 Comments

Embark on a visual journey with us for the opening of Imagining the World Photography Exhibition at the Lemieux Library on the Second Floor on April 30, 5-7 p.m. The event is free and open to all featured in the exhibition, as well as interested students, staff, faculty, alumni, and members of the public.  

Each image in this exhibition tells a unique story, freezing moments in time which reflect the profound impact of the experiences of our students, staff, and faculty during their transformative cultural immersion trips abroad. From bustling cityscapes to serene landscapes, Imagining the World offers a glimpse into our global community’s diverse tapestry. So, come and immerse yourself in these captivating photographs and take the opportunity to witness the world through the eyes of our community.  

“We are proud that this exciting project has returned after a four-year hiatus,” said David Powers, Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences. “We were ready to host the 12th annual exhibition in April 2020, when the pandemic closed our doors. This edition is a testament not only to the university and college commitment to student engagement with global issues and communities, but it is also a testament to the energy and resiliency of our community.” 

The exhibition features a collection of 23 images made up of eight winners and 15 honorable mentions, which were selected out of a total of 145 photos submitted.  

Education Abroad Winners  

  • First Place - Hannah Sutherland, BFA Photography with a Minor in French, Class of 2024. “Boys of Dakar”, Senegal. 
  • Second Place - Sahil Bathija, Bachelor of Arts in Economics and Political Science with Minors in Philosophy and English and a Specialization in Legal Studies, Class of 2023. “Royal Highland Festival”, Bhutan. 
  • Third Place - Katlyn Wong, B.A., Environmental Studies with a Specialization in Politics, Policy, and Justice, Class of 2024. “June at Work”, Sāmoa.  

International Student Winners  

  • First Place - Shrestha Alok, Public Administration, Class of 2024. “The World From Above” Utah, USA. 
  • Second Place - Rinko Tsuchiya, English and a Minor in Theatre, Class of 2025. “Where Do I Want To Go?” New York, USA.  
  • Third Place - Kana Komoto, Political Science, Class of 2025. “Relationships” Washington, USA. 

Staff/Faculty Winners 

  • First Place – Serena Cosgrove, PhD, Associate Professor, International Studies and Director, Latin American and Latinx Studies. “Si Hubo Genocidio (Yes there was a genocide)”, Guatemala.  
  • Second Place – Marc Cohen, PhD, Professor, Dept. Of Management and Dept. Philosophy. “Rooftops of Seville”, Spain. 

David Powers continued, “While managed within the College of Arts and Sciences, this competition celebrates students and faculty from across the university. We are very appreciative of our deeper campus collaboration with the Office of Global Engagement and Lemieux Library.” 

“Our office is excited and honored to partner with the College of Arts and Sciences to re-launch the “Imagining the World” project” Said Laura Spitz, Vice Provost for Global Engagement. “As a Jesuit university in the heart of an incredibly globally engaged region of the world, our aim is to educate the whole person—by cultivating the qualities of curiosity, respect, collaboration, reciprocity, humility, and service—toward the goal of creating truly global leaders for a just and humane world. This competition reflects and captures the spirit of that commitment.” 


"We want our students to see themselves in their work, to share their discoveries, and to feel a sense of belonging here in the Lemieux Library and McGoldrick Learning Commons. Imagining the World not only complements the Library’s cultural role on campus and in the community but also creates an environment that is inviting and inspirational for library users – our students, faculty and staff, and visitors alike. Hopefully, this exhibit is yet another way for students to identify with the materials within this building's walls. On behalf of the Library faculty and staff, I am delighted to welcome the campus community to this exhibition!" 

- Sarah Barbara Watstein, Dean of the Lemieux Library and McGoldrick Learning Commons  


The exhibition will be open from April 30 - September 6. For more information about Imagining the World click here: Imagining The World Photography Competition | Global Education | Beyond the Classroom | College of Arts and Sciences | Seattle University  We look forward to seeing you at the Lemieux Library for this extraordinary event.  

We would like to thank our partners that helped us greatly with this project: 

  • College of Arts and Sciences 
  • Education Abroad 
  • Office of Global Engagement  
  • Institute of Catholic Thought and Culture 
  • International Student Center 

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