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Tutoring Needs Assessment Blitz!

by Jacob Smit on 2023-09-25T14:11:00-07:00 | 0 Comments

Looking for Tutoring? Not sure where to start? Check out LAP's TNA Blitz to complete this initial step needed for weekly tutoring. 

Getting your assessment done is quick and allows you to easily sign up for future tutoring sessions.

During their Tutoring Needs Assessment (TNA) appointment, students connect with a staff member to share a more thorough picture of their needs in the specific course, think and talk through how they plan to be successful in the course, and share how tutoring would be most helpful for them. 

About Learning Assistance Programs

LAP offers tutoring, facilitated study groups, learning strategy workshops, individual consultations, and drop-in assistance for a variety of Math, Language, Science, and Nursing courses. By providing students access to resources that support their development as learners and their overall well-being, LAP increases student retention and equips students with the tools they need to thrive as professionals in the future. 

Their combination of services is delivered by professional staff and peer tutors so students can choose which combination of resources meets their unique needs.  As a nationally certified program through the College Reading and Learning Association, peer tutors engage in required ongoing professional development opportunities to ensure that they are well-positioned to offer strategic and thorough support for their peers in specific courses.  Feedback at the end of each quarter often reflects a high level of student satisfaction with the effectiveness of this learning environment.


To support students' academic experience and overall well-being at Seattle University through a range of academic resources and services.  


To provide resources to contribute to the ongoing development of students as learners and equip them with the tools they will need to thrive as professionals.  


  • Welcome all students and care for each as a valued member of the Seattle University community
  • Attend to the development of the whole student with positive support
  • Provide high-quality services, programming, and resources for students
  • Improve programs continuously through assessment and evaluation
  • Appreciate and promote diversity and justice
  • Value the unique gifts and work style of each staff member
  • Commit to an open and honest working and learning staff community
  • Contribute to decision-making discussions and listen to the voices of others
  • Enjoy collegiality based on mutual care and fun
  • Value student workers and develop their leadership potential
  • Work collaboratively in campus-wide partnerships
  • Promote Seattle University's mission, vision, and goals

Campus Contact Information

Lemieux Library and McGoldrick Learning Commons - 2nd floor
Phone: (206) 398-4450

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