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Learning Resources

Learning Resources


Looking to refine your study strategies independently or with the help of a tutor or Learning Specialist? LAP offers access to a wide variety of resources, ranging from helpful websites and applications to informative handouts.

Quick Reads and Handouts

Quick Reads and Handouts


General Study Skills

Holistic Advice

Anxiety and Stress

Learning Styles


Note Taking

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Interactive Online Resources and Websites

These links give access to online resources for improving learning skills and strategies.

Remote Learning & Campus Support

Updated daily, the Student Support Center offers an FAQ list answering questions related to remote campus services, logistics, technology, and more. 

Time Management and Assignment Planning

Rescue Time helps you understand where your time goes each day by tracking exactly how you spend time on your digital devices.   

Forest is an app that helps you keep focused by planting trees in a digital forest. Your trees will grow as you focus on your work. Earn coins to help plant real trees with the non-profit Trees for the Future.

Available on Google Chrome, Mindful Browsing nudges you away from time-wasting websites using beautiful images and personalized reminders.

Brought to you by the University of Minnesota, this assignment calculator breaks down research and writing projects into manageable steps based on your due dates. You can even sign up for notifications to keep you on track!

Study and Note-Taking Tools

Edrawmind is an online visualization tool that allows students to mind-map, create concept charts, and brainstorm ideas.

Learning Styles

How well do you understand your own learning preferences? Take the VARK assessment to better understand how you learn best and then apply strategies tailored to your individualized learning preferences to your studies.

 Study Skills

This very comprehensive inventory of study skills for students covers a wide range of topics in an accessible format.


Whether you love or hate Algebra, these engaging online lessons are a great supplementary resource.

The WolframAlpha problem-solving app offers expert-level equations answers on many different topics, including step-by-step solutions for over 60 topics in Math, Chemistry, and Physics.


High quality study resources on Biology, Chemistry, Earth Sciences, and more. 


In addition to writing consultations, our partner in the SeattleU Learning Commons has assembled a valuable list of resources for students on many different writing topics. 

Social Science, Humanities, & Foreign Language

A collection of the best free educational and cultural media on the Internet, including audiobooks, ebooks, lectures, films, and an excellent compilation of learning resources for 48 different languages


Beloved by learners around the world for very good reason, The Khan Academy offers lessons on a wide range of academic topics.

Alison offers free online academic and personal growth courses aimed at empowering people to be life-long learners.