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Systems, Technology, and Media

Materials for users of library computers, databases, the Media Production Center and more.

Login Problems

For help with SU network IDs, call 206-296-5571, send email to or check the SU Account & Password guide.

Open Access and Licensed Resources

The Library connects you to online resources from across the internet, including open access resources that are free to all, and licensed resourced that we have made available to you through agreements between SU and publishers. Licensed resources require you to prove your affiliation with Seattle University before you can access them, which they usually do by checking that the IP address of the computer requesting access to the platform or document.

In order to make sure that all SU researchers, whether they are on campus, at home, at work or anywhere else, appear to our content partners to be coming from an SU controlled IP address, we run your traffic to our licensed collections through a proxy server.

The Proxy Server

Our proxy server, runs EZproxy, the most commonly used library proxy worldwide. EZproxy runs in a server on campus and routes all your traffic to and from a library database through itself, making you (wherever you are) appear to the remote server to be on the SU campus. This allows all of our researchers, where they are working, to enjoy full access to all the content licensed for them by SU.

EZproxy flow

You authenticate yourself to the proxy server (and to the library catalog) using the same credentials you use to access your SU email, and other campus resources. Learn more about your SU Account.

Links proxied through EZproxy have a specific, predictable structure, making it possible for you to see at a glance if you are on a proxied resource, and to copy or create proxied links you can share with other SU researchers.