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Pre-Finals Wellness Project

Project Positive 2022

Welcome to the Pre-Finals Wellness Project guide!

The Pre-Finals Wellness project is a collaborative project produced by Clara Kaisho and Jennifer Eng as part of their work in the Population Health Internship program.

This project focuses on self-care, wellness, and mental health resources for SU's student body as they prepare for finals week.

We want our students and participants of this program to look inward and find ways to soothe their souls in which ever way fits their needs. We have all had similar and different struggles over the last year. Take the time to sit with the emotions and anxieties that you have gone through recently. Understand that is it important to participate in activities and movements that soothe your soul. Divert your attention to activities that you enjoy and actions that care for your body and mind.

Use this guide to explore library, campus, and community resources related to mental health, stress relief, & wellness.